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What is ASF?

  1. ASF Payment Solutions is the billing company for Evolution Fitness.
  2. They will bill you for your membership dues, annual club enhancement due (CED), and any extras you have chosen to add to your membership (i.e. Towel service, tanning, courts, and hydromassage). Every member has their own unique membership account number.
  3. You will need to provide either credit card information or bank account information for automatic withdrawals. VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS or bank account information is accepted for automatic withdrawals. If no information is provided, ASF Payment solutions will put you on Manual billing. They will send you a statement with dues owing and add on a manual billing fee

of $5.00 per payment.


What happens if I have an NSF payment?

  1. If you have a payment that goes NSF, ASF Payment Solutions will notify you that the payment has rejected and they will attempt to charge you again within the next 7 business days. You will be assessed a service fee of $29.00 for each NSF/rejected payment. This also applies to credit card rejections.
  2. If the attempts to take payment are unsuccessful, ASF Payment solutions will put you on Manual Billing and add a manual billing fee of $5.00 per payment. You must then provide a new form of payment.


What happens if I am late on payment?

  1. If you are late on payment then you will be assessed a late payment charge. It will increase as time goes by until the account is paid up to date.
  2. ASF Payment Solutions will contact you through the information that you have provided on your membership. (email, phone number, address) Please ensure you keep us updated with your current contact information, so you can be contacted quickly if there ever is a problem.


I just joined and haven’t seen a payment charged yet?

Take note of when your first payment is supposed to be charged. Ensure you are seeing the payments charged to your credit card or debited out of your bank account. Please contact us right away if you don’t see your payments start.


How do I change my method of payment?

  1. You may contact ASF Payments Solutions directly at 1-800-525-8967, or sign into your ASF account through
  2. You can make a one-time payment or update your membership account with new information for automatic payments.
  3. Note: If you are paying for other people then EACH membership account will need to be updated individually. Your family members will not be linked to your membership account.


I need a receipt so I can get reimbursed through my workplace?

Sign into your ASF account through and you can print off a copy of all the payments you have made.


What happens when my contract expires? Do I need to sign up again?

When your contract term is finished your membership will automatically renew itself to an open ended month to month membership as the same rate.


Membership Freeze Information

We offer you the opportunity to freeze your membership dues for those times when you cannot attend the gym.



  1. Freeze requests require a 14 day notice period, regardless of the reason for the freeze or the term of your membership.
  2. There is a freeze fee of $10.00 plus GST/month. ($10.50) Minimum freeze time is 1 month, and in intervals of 30 days.
  3. Maximum freeze time is 3 months per year.
  4. Personal training payments cannot be frozen.
  5. Freeze requests will only be accepted through the website.
  6. You cannot use the gym during the duration of your freeze.



Your membership dues will automatically reinstate after the freeze time is over.

Your account will NOT be frozen if your account is overdue.

The terms of your contract will be directly extended by the freeze time taken.



Club Enhancement

Annual Club Enhancement Due otherwise known as CED is charged to every member of Evolution Fitness. These funds in addition to more money invested by the club management go directly into the continual enhancement, and purchase of new cardio, strength, group exercise and other equipment. This annual fee is in addition to your bi-weekly dues and is debited from your account on the anniversary date of your membership and is applied to the year that you have just completed.


Request more Information

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