Congratulations on your new born!

Whether you’ve just had your first or fourth child, any new mama knows it’s a whole new world after you give birth. Life changes in so many beautiful and unexpected ways, and responsibilities keep piling up. Many new mothers want to exercise after giving birth but making time for workouts post-partum is the biggest challenge.

We’re here to help you get back on track and back into a

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  • Kid’s Club at 3 of our locations for children over 6 weesks old!

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Client Testimonials

  • I have always been the thicker girl out of all my friends and after getting pregnant I just kept getting bigger. I was so out of control with my eating habits, and continuously starting & stopping working out, it was impossible to keep weight off. I always planned on getting healthy for my son and wanting him to grow up living a healthy lifestyle, but I lost motivation so easily. I talked to Nadine one day about training, and decided to join the challenge to help keep me motivated. She helped get me out of my unmotivated slump & push towards goals I never thought I’d reach in just 12 weeks! I am so thankful I started my journey with Nadine, & I am inspired and motivated more than ever to keep pushing towards new goals & continuing on my fitness journey.

    Breanne Sillinger
  • After living healthy and fit most of my life, I have recently gained a lot of weight after my two pregnancies. It has been a very difficult last 3 years for me. Being the heaviest I have ever been has made me forget who I am and I started to feel embarrassed and depressed.
    Evolution Fitness has made it very easy for me to start my journey, with flexible hours and by providing daycare for my children. After meeting and working closely the amazing Antionette for the last 12 weeks, I have started to gain my confidence back. She has reminded me how to life a healthy lifestyle while teaching me great exercises to keep me motivated.
    Although my journey will still continue, I would like to thank Evolution Fitness and My Personal Trainer Antionette for helping me take charge of my life and for showing me that I can be that same person I used to be.

    Becky Middleton
  • When I started working out with Mila i did not really know what to expect i wasn’t really looking to loose weight just to get into better shape and tone up. At first i was just seeing her once a week and then i decided to do the challenge! We started working out 3 times a week and i am shocked by the progress we’ve made in such a short time! I have lost 13 lbs and 7% body fat and feel amazing! When working out on my own i saw results but nothing even close to the results i have achieved with Mila.
    Mila helped me to be accountable both at the gym and away by making smart clean choices with nutrition. Her expertise in fitness and nutrition have given me a new outlook its not a fad diet its a life style change. Everyday i am eating clean and eating the right combinations of foods which has given me so much energy! I always look forward to our training sessions she’s always mixing them up and pushing me to reach my goals, so i keep seeing results! I have learned a lot through Mila about exercise. I have considered myself to be pretty active but i have definitely learned how to make the most out of any training session! I have definitely reached and surpassed my goals and expectations with Mila guidance. It has really been a pleasure working out with Mila at Evolution Fitness.


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