Periodization Personal Training

We are on a journey to NEVER STOP EVOLVING and to ensure we keep to our promise, Evolution Fitness has introduced Periodization Personal Training. Hitting your fitness goal is not a finish line, it is an opportunity to reach even higher, set new goals and do the impossible.

Perioidization is broken down into four phases, foundation, build, burn and strength. Once the phases are complete, we start the cycle again! Each phase brings its own challenges and obstacles but it also brings a ton of wins for you and your personal trainer!

Foundation Phase

In this phase we focus on proper compound movement, learning correct and controlled exercise of the human body. A certified personal trainer will address any imbalances and ensure your mobility increases.

Build Phase

You take what you have learned in the Foundations phase and you begin adding proper compound movements. You also get introduced to isolated movements. Muscles groups get split for more singular focus. During this phase you should see increased muscle mass and an increase in you metabolism.

Burn Phase

This is when things begin to heat up! During the Burn Phase you will be focusing on full-body workouts with a high number of repetitions and limited rest periods. If you have heard of HIIT this is where you will see it!

Strength Phase

Congratulations! During the burn phase you loss some weight and some body fat. OH NO! You lost muscle mass as well? Well don’t fret! The strength phase is used to further increase muscle mass to further increase you metabolic output!