What is it?

Get fitter in only 30 minutes with R30TM. It’s as easy as riding a bike, and in R30, riding a bike has never been better! Burn calories, improve muscular endurance, and build cardio fitness as you ride with surges, short intervals, power, and end with a rush. Inspiring music and motivating coaches to ensure that EVERYONE FINISHES FIRST!

What will I do?

R30 is your 30-minute cardio workout. Music will make the time fly, and you will feel great working up a sweat! Ride at three main levels of speed, with the ability to increase or decrease the intensity of your own workout. Everything about the bike is adjustable, so R30 can be geared toward your personal level of fitness. The workout consists of 7 different tracks, each with its own energetic song and specific objective:

  1. Warm-Up – Your workout on the bike begins with the start of fun, familiar music. The comfortable pace of this track gets the legs moving and warms the body. Prepare yourself for 30 minutes of fitness!
  2. Surge – Sweat starts here! Rise to the challenge with this high-energy song. The resistance starts to increase, the legs begin to move faster, and the heart rate surges higher. Feel the intensity!
  3. Endurance – Shift into a harder gear. The pace comes down as the workout focuses on building strength and burning calories. The high resistance guarantees results for your legs. Feel the heat!
  4. Short Intervals – Work hard, and then pull back. Quick bursts of intensity are each followed by a period of active recovery. These intervals will drastically improve your cardio fitness. Each short challenge is a chance to go for it!
  5. Rush – Chase down an energy rush as you reach the peak of this cardio workout. This is the time to give it all the speed you’ve got! When you make the final sprint in R30, EVERYONE FINISHES FIRST
  6. Recover – Reward your body with the recovery it needs. Steady the heart rate and stretch. Your 30 minutes of fitness are done!

Is it for me?

R30 is for everyone! You can make the most out of R30, no matter whether you are just starting an exercise program or have been racing bikes for years. R30 is only 30 minutes, and the format is easy to follow. Since the bike is completely adjustable, you are in control. R30 is perfect for:

Helpful hints:

Just remember that it will only be your first class once. After attending Group Ride three times, you will start to feel like a pro. These tips will ensure your success and enjoyment:

  • Those short on time that need a complete cardio workout in 30 minutes
  • Men and women of any age who are new to exercise or have not exercised in a long time
  • Anyone who wants to burn calories, lose weight, or just be fitter
  • Everyone who can ride a stationary bike
  • Strength-training junkies that need to add cardio to their routine
  • Athletes looking to cross train
  • Cyclists

How often should I do it?

R30 is a cardiovascular workout, so you can do it once or twice a week as one part of your workout routine, or you can do it most every day as your primary form of exercise. If you are just starting out or have not exercised in a long time, you probably should not do too much too soon. As your fitness improves with R30, you will be able to increase the frequency and intensity of your classes. The best gauge of your ability to recover is how you feel between workouts, so listen to your body.

Helpful hints:

In R30, it only feels like your first time riding the bike during that very first class. Your strength and endurance will improve with each and every workout. After just three times in R30, the class will seem . . . well, as easy as riding a bike! Here are some tips for your first R30 class:

  • Wear comfortable workout clothes that are loose or flexible in the legs. You will build up a sweat in R30!
  • Bring a small towel and a bottle of water
  • Cycling shorts are not necessary, but they are padded to give you a bit of extra comfort where needed.
  • Athletic shoes will work with the pedals in R30. Some people choose to invest in cycling shoes once they are hooked on the class.
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes before class and introduce yourself. The instructor will take this time to help you set up your bike and answer any questions you may have.
  • Choose a bike with a clear view of the instructor. Your bike does not have to be in the front row, but it will help if you can see the instructor.
  • At the end of class, talk to the instructor about your R30 experience and ask any questions you may have about the class.

How will I feel?

You may feel nervous about your first R30 class, or anxious to get your workout started. Those feelings are perfectly normal. Keep in mind that the objective for your first class is simply to learn what it feels like to ride the bike for 30 minutes. You will pedal at faster speeds and slower speeds, and you will always have control over the intensity of your own bike ride. The first few classes will probably “fly by” as you ride to the beat of the music. When your heart rate rises, you will start to breathe heavier. Your leg muscles will heat up as you pedal harder. The instructor will coach you along the way, and you always have the option to ride at a slower speed or lower resistance. In R30, the primary goal is simply to get your heart rate up, and you can do that at almost any speed. R30 is your fitness journey. Some first-time participants feel uncomfortable on the bike seat. Don’t worry – it gets better. You will become accustomed to the feel of the seat You should feel a sense of success after the very first class. R30 provides a very effective workout in only half an hour. If you experience soreness, it means your body is adapting to the new workout. Your fitness will improve every time you get back on the bike in R30!