3D30 integrates strength and cardio training to build muscle, burn calories, and improve agility. Revolutionize your whole body using Loaded Movement Training in this three-dimensional experience. Dynamic music drives the energetic 30-minute workout with athletic movements and phases of high-intensity interval training. Train the way the body was designed to move with 3D30. IT’S LOADED!


3D30 is the perfect training choice for various groups of people:

  • New exercisers because Loaded Movement Training builds a foundation for healthy movement patterns
  • Weightlifters and strength-training junkies who want to get stronger in every direction and all types of movements
  • People of all fitness and experience levels because Loaded Movement Training improves the overall quality of life for everyone
  • Busy exercisers because 3D30 combines cardio and strength training in just 30 minutes
  • Anyone concerned about back pain, joint health, or other physical issues because Loaded Movement Training reconditions the body
  • Runners and cyclists because training in new planes of motion improves athletic performance and helps prevent injury
  • Athletes looking for cross-training because 3D30 is an ideal complement to any sport
  • Men and women of all ages because you can self-select the size and weight of your ViPR


The workout is broken up into four phases of training:

  • PREP – Get off to a good start with a great warm-up! The Prep phase mobilizes the entire body while teaching you to move with the ViPR. This first five minutes of the workout bridges the gap to the more intense training that follows.
  • VITALITY – The word vitality means the power to live, grow, and sustain yourself. Innovative exercises and functional movement patterns improve the way you move in all aspects of life. The intensity increases to build strength, stability, and cardiovascular fitness all at the same time.
  • PERFORMANCE – Now is the time to challenge yourself! Performance is divided into intervals of work and rest, incorporating various training methods like endurance, power, and speed training. During this phase, the group is split up into teams. Everyone works at their own pace while the teams “face off” to motivate each other to push themselves harder!
  • RECONDITIONING – You’ve never experienced the ending of a workout like this. Begin the recovery process by gradually lowering the heart rate. Mobility training goes way beyond stretching to improve the total range of motion in all your joints. Let this new style of movement “sink in” with five minutes of “feel good” time.


3D30 should be performed 1-3 times per week. The high-intensity components of the workout are more effective when the body has sufficient time to recover afterward. If you are looking to add 3D30 as part of a broader workout regimen, then schedule 3D30 on different days than total-body strength training or other high-intensity training.


You are only new to 3D30 the first time you do it. After 3-5 experiences, you will get into the rhythm of the workout and know what to expect. Here are some tips to help with your first few workouts:

  • Wear comfortable workout clothes that allow you to move freely in all directions
  • Wear athletic shoes
  • Bring a towel and a bottle of water
  • Arrive 5-10 minutes before the workout is scheduled so the coach can help you select the right ViPR size and introduce you to the workout
  • Pick a small ViPR size for your first workout (probably a purple 4-kg ViPR)
  • Stand where you have a clear view of the coach, closer to the center of the room (you do not have to be in the front)
  • The coach will lead you through the workout, demonstrate all of the movements, and offer options to increase or decrease the intensity of the exercises
  • It is totally normal for the exercises to feel strange or awkward at first – that is actually the point because 3D30 trains new and different movement patterns
  • Start by executing a smaller, less intense version of each exercise, and then make your movements bigger whenever you feel comfortable
  • This is YOUR workout – everyone will look a little different while moving, so do not feel like you need to compare yourself to others
  • You can stop and rest or take a personal break at any time during the workout
  • Talk with the coach after the workout and ask any questions you may have


It is normal to feel a bit nervous or anxious the first time you experience 3D30. Most of those feelings will disappear after your first workout. The coach is there to answer any of your questions, and other group members are always willing to help.

During the workout, you might feel awkward or unusual because the movements are very different than what you are used to doing. This is actually a good thing – it means your body is developing new neural patterns that will help you move better throughout life. The movements will feel more natural every single time you return to 3D30. Try to appreciate this training style for what it is – new and different. Focus on the quality of your movement instead of how fast or how hard you can go. Let your body learn how to move with greater efficiency and integrity.

After the workout, you can ask the coach for help with any of the exercises and ask questions about anything that felt confusing or uncomfortable. You may be sore over the next couple of days, especially in the hips and glutes (rear end). This kind of muscle soreness is a positive sign that you are engaging important muscles that need to be exercised, and it is one of the key benefits of 3D30. Stretching and foam rolling will aid in the recovery process, as will drinking water.

Have fun in your 3D30! Enjoy this revolutionary style of training and the improved quality of life that comes with it.