Personal Trainer

You Change Lives.

You help people reach their goals.

You are on a continual path to never stop evolving.

You are an Evolution Fitness Personal Trainer.

General Position Description

As an Evolution Fitness Personal Trainer, you will recognize the value a personal trainer has in helping our members reach their fitness goals. You will be comfortable creating and presenting a customized fitness program to our members.
It is your job to recommend how our members can change their lifestyles and reach their fitness goals with your support.
You will be supported by our team who will help you take your career to the next level. You will receive:

  • 1 on-1 coaching with our Fitness Manager
  • Guidance and support from our Director of Personal Training
  • Internal and External Marketing support from our Marketing and Communications Manager

Required Qualifications

First – You must be a Certified Personal Trainer or Equivalent.

Next – you must have that “wow” attitude and ability to recommend a program to our members. Your experience in designing and implementing fitness programs will further drive the value of how you can impact the lives of many people.


  • Contact existing and new members to participate in our Evolution Fitness Assessment, InBody Scan, and proper use of fitness equipment to generate potential leads
  • Work alongside our Membership Department to activate personal training starter packs with new members
  • Develop an individual exercise program for clients and present them confidently with a price based on our recommendation
  • Attend daily meetings and coaching sessions with the Fitness Manager and Director of Personal Training
  • Actively use social media to promote your brand and our brand to help generate leads and gain clients
  • Follow up with members who have had complimentary sessions or participated in a Starter Pack