3 Ways To: Boost Your Productivity

Everyday grogginess have you feeling frustrated?

Do your days feel filled with seemingly never-ending yawns?

There is honestly nothing worse than being at work fighting off sleep, yawning, or falling behind.

I hate it when this happens because it also affects my mood, which in turn further affects my ability to be my best at work/in life.  

I personally put this awful cycle to an end by putting the following steps in place.

Lets boost those productivity levels and maybe get you closer to that promotion or raise that you deserve.

Let’s also get you some more free time for your loved ones.


Every single night before you go to sleep, schedule your following day out.

It’s actually insane how quickly you can power through your day when you know exactly what needs to be done.

I pull 12-16 hour days on the regular, but it never actually feels long for me. Why, you ask?

I’m more task-focused than time-focused. This is KEY!

As a result, your days fly by in the blink of an eye, AND you are left feeling accomplished.


emember just a moment ago when I said I am more task-focused than time-focused?

That ties into this step perfectly.

When you have every day mapped out, your mind focuses on one task at a time, which reduces those feelings of being stressed/overwhelmed. It also takes away the worry of time.

When you look at everything you need done all at once, it becomes overwhelming and lowers your productivity.

Take a step back, breathe, and plan.

When you fail to plan/prep, that simply means you plan to fail.

What’s great is that planning your day/week only takes minutes out of your day.


A one hour workout is 4% of your day.

Key benefits of working out:

  • Reduce stress levels by up to 80%.
  • Increase your daily energy
  • Mental alertness

I feel that the best way to ensure you’re hitting the gym is to get it done before you start your day.

No matter what, there is always time. You just have to want it bad enough!

If you’re without a gym, or aren’t seeing success at your current gym, I’d love to offer you one week absolutely free with us here at Evolution Fitness.

We take pride in caring about every person that steps foot in our doors.


Start applying these steps today, and trust that positive results will follow.

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