How can HydroMassage help me?

Not only will HydroMassage provide a deep, relaxing massage; there are numerous health benefits that are associated with HydroMassage:

  • Decreased muscle tension – For better movement
  • Increased muscular range of motion – For better flexibility
  • Decreased muscular toxins – For better injury recovery
  • Increased circulation – For better body healthy
  • Increased oxygen absorption – For better energy
  • Increased release of endorphins – For better feeling of well being
  • Decreased blood pressure – For better circulatory health


Do you need a head start on summer? Does the winter have you feeling down? Do you need a dose of Vitamin D?

Evolution Fitness South, East and Downtown offer Hex II stand up tanning booths – the most advanced and well engineered tanning booths available in the industry. Put into a hexagonal pattern, 46 reflector lamps will provide you with a 360 degree tanning experience within 8-10 minutes – equivalent of 30-40 minutes in the conventional lay-down beds.

We have various tanning options available, please contact us at 545-4653 ext 2 for more information.

For more information on our tanning booths please visit http://www.itehex.com/