General Cancellation Procedures

Download the Cancellation Procedures here.

The following outlines the specific procedures you must follow to cancel your membership. Please read and follow each step exactly as stated.

Send written notice (letter) to:

Evolution Fitness Regina
P.O. Box 37160
Regina, SK
S4S 7K4


Please include your full name, current phone number and current keytag number.

Your cancellation will be processed 30 days from receipt of your letter, provided the following conditions are met:

1. No outstanding balance on your account. Your account WILL NOT BE CANCELLED unless there is zero balance owing.

2. We will contact you during the 30 day processing period to confirm your cancellation date and any final payments/requirements (such as documents or an early termination charge for members still in contract)


  • Billing will continue for 30 days from the request date.
  • You will not be cancelled if your account is overdure.

You would also have the option to send your letter by registered mail if you choose to. It is tracked by Canada Post. Keep your receipt and tracking number on file. You can request confirmation through the Canada Post website that we have received your cancellation notice.

Cancellations are not valid through email/fax/drop off/phone message/verbal communication.