Gym Etiquette

From the locker room to the gym floor there’s some rules everyone should follow…


  • Wear appropriate clothing – it can help prevent injury and you don’t get your dress clothes sweaty
  • Clean the machines – no one else wants to work out in your sweat
  • Keep the floor clear – don’t leave your weights in the middle of the walkway
  • Return your weights – and other equipment, it’s respectful and hey you might burn some extra calories doing it
  • Share – sometimes it gets busy, let your fellow gym go-er work in when possible
  • Believe in Hygiene – while some are allergic to deodorant, most of us are not



  • Stare – it’s creepy and makes people feel uncomfortable
  • Yell or Talk Loudly – be respectful of other people and try not to disrupt their workout/exercise
  • Grunt – excessive grunting freaks people out
  • Strong odors – excessive BO or perfume is offensive
  • Drop weights – it’s dangerous and just plain noisy
  • Steal Equipment – don’t take someone’s machine if they’re grabbing water or taking a break
  • Mind the Mirror – leave the posing and flexing to the change room
  • Groom in public – leave the tweezing, waxing and intimate care at home and not in the steam room


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